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Why Networking and Going to Trade Shows Are Great For Your Business

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Why Networking and Going to Trade Shows Are Great For Your Business

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Marketing your business is a huge part of increasing profits, however a very underrated and often overlooked aspect of business is networking. It is so important that you are open to speaking to other business professionals about your own business because it simply leads to more job and business opportunities. Not only that, but picking the brain of other professionals often leads to more innovative thinking. The benefits of networking for one’s business are endless so while you may not see the need for networking or maybe even detest the act it is most certainly worth while.

Attending networking events or trade shows is a great step you can take to open your business to new opportunities. Like minded individuals who are also trying to make new connections will make it much easier for you to network.

Some important things to remember about networking at events:

  1. Find similar interests between you and your prospective connection
  2. Do not spend the entirety of the conversation discussing solely your business
  3. Be sure to ask questions, this is how you learn new business practices
  4. Always have marketing materials with you to hand out (ex. Business Cards, Postcards, Promotional Items etc.)

An enormous aspect of networking events is having marketing materials to back your social networking skills. Whether it’s a full booth setup with a backdrop, tablecloth and banners or some simple print marketing, it is vital to have these with you at all times. This is what causes people to stop and ask you questions about your business before you even approach them. Having a print marketing presence at a networking event makes the process of networking much easier; when someone asks you what services you offer instead of droning on about all 20 services instead you hand them a postcard that lists all of them. This way each person you come across has something about your business to take home.

For a more unique marketing idea to aid in your networking capabilities, promotional items are a great way to keep your business in the fore front of someone’s mind. For example chapsticks with your logo and website on them are a great way to remind potential clients of your business. Whether you are setting up a complete booth or simply carrying around some simple print marketing materials, having these items on hand are vital to making lasting connections and gives you a better chance of increasing business opportunities.

If you have a networking event or trade show approaching and you feel unprepared then reach out to contact@TiedInMedia.com and let us handle your marketing needs.