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Why a Logo Is So Important To a Business

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Why a Logo Is So Important To a Business

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A logo is the fingerprint of a business, left on every single piece of marketing your company puts out. Potential and current clients will use your logo to identify your brand and to better understand what kind of business you are.

Here are some rules of thumb when it comes to your business’ logo:

  1. It is vital to a company to have the right logo that represents the type of business well. For example if you’re a Law Group or a Bank then your logo may be typographically based with neutral colors to keep a serious look and feel. If you’re an Entertainment company then you can be a little more creative with your logo. If you create a logo that does not match the type of business you conduct then you will most likely confuse consumers about what you are offering them.
  2. Simple logos are the way to go. Just look at all the top company’s logos; Apple, Google, Microsoft, Facebook, Amazon. They all have simple and to-the-point logos that are easily recognizable across all platforms.
  3. Logos can evolve as your company does so do not be afraid to change your logo. While you may not want to change your logo completely as to not throw current clients off, slight changes to your logo can make all the difference. Take Google for instance, they changed the font of their logo to modernized their look, but kept the colors that people identify so well with. If you do decide that you need to completely change your logo, it is important that you put out a statement that your logo has changed so your customers do not get confused.

Once you have the right logo that matches your business it’s time to plaster the logo over all marketing materials. Business Cards, website, social media and anything else your business might use as marketing materials. If you need help creating a logo for your company then you can reach out to us at contact@tiedinmedia.com we can also provide your company with all the materials you’ll need to market your business.