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What The Colors Of Your Branding Say About Your Business

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What The Colors Of Your Branding Say About Your Business

TiedIn Media Color Theory

Color theory is an underestimated aspect of branding, however, scientists have long determined that color has a huge impact on our body and mind. This is why when creating a brand, colors should be one of the first things brought into consideration. You want people to understand more about your business just by the way the feeling the colors in the logo and other marketing materials create.

Here are some popular colors and the feelings they portray:

  1. Blue exudes a trustworthy feeling as well as peace and loyalty. This is what makes blue one of the most commonly used colors in branding specifically for businesses such as banks or other financial services. Since people who handle other’s money want to give off a sense of trustworthiness right from the start, blue is the safe choice.
  2. White provides feelings of purity and cleanliness. This is what makes white a popular choice for medical practices, often combining white and blue. White is also great to use in branding for businesses where black may seem misplaced, such as for kid-related businesses.
  3. Black offers a feeling of power. Companies who use black in their branding usually are aiming for a luxury or mature market. Black is a great color for companies such as luxury car dealerships or even entertainment focused businesses.
  4. Red is another powerhouse color. It is cited by color theorists has the only color powerful enough to equally compete with black.
  5. Orange is an energetic color and can be used as an attention grabber. Color combinations such as orange and gray have become very popular for branding in the past few years. This is a color that can be used for businesses such as real estate agencies giving them a more modern look and feel.
  6. Green reflects nature and health. It is an obvious choice for any company that is focused on nature or health foods.

Colors are very important to a brand and its overall look and feel. A business whose target audience is children would cause confusion by using colors such as red and black in its branding or a lawyer that uses bright colors such as orange and yellow may not be taken as seriously as they would if they used calmer colors such as blue in their branding. Of course, there is a fine line between being unique and being off base, so if you need help creating your brand in a way that is creative yet gives the right message to your clientele then reach out to us at contact@tiedinmedia.com.