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Video In Advertising

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Video In Advertising

TiedIn Media Video In Advertising

The competition for consumer’s attention is high, forcing marketers to get even more creative with their advertising techniques. Marketers need a visually interesting way to captivate a potential consumer, maintain their interest, and encourage them to make a purchase. Videos are a great way to stand out again all of the static content in consumer’s social media feeds.

One way to create videos is to not actually create them at all, but to have your customers create them. Depending on your product, customers will upload videos of them using said product. For example, subscription box services often have customers submit videos of themselves unboxing their products, these can then be posted on social media sites. Another way of creating video content is to show consumers how to use your product. This makes consumers more likely to purchase a product after they develop a deeper understanding of how the product works. You can also create video content by having real customers giving testimonials. By seeing what other customers are saying, potential customers are more likely to trust your company or brand.

Videos are a great way to captivate the attention of consumers and the type of content you choose could be key to reeling them in. If you need help creating video content for your company, contact TiedIn Media at contact@tiedinmedia today!