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TiedIn Media’s Involvement With Charity

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TiedIn Media’s Involvement With Charity

TiedIn media charity involvement

TiedIn Media is proud to be marketing partner to PinkTie.org, a charitable organization dedicated to research and education of diseases such as breast cancer, pediatric cancer and more. As the marketing partner we get to play a huge role in various charity events on Long Island, learn more about all the great things these organizations are accomplishing and having the opportunity to help them get the word out about their organization is a rewarding opportunity.

In May of 2016 PinkTie.org held their 5th Annual Event, which raised $500,000 thanks to the attendance of over 2,500 members of the community. The money that was raised was donated to The Don Monti Memorial Research Foundation, which is a charity dedicated to cancer research. As the official marketing partner of PinkTie.org, TiedIn was given the opportunity to create all of the marketing materials for the event. This included creating Eblasts, flyers, ads, backdrops, banners, tablecloths and more. All of the materials created for the PinkTie event was donated to each company using it.

Being the official marketing partner of PinkTie.org means we get to help out a variety of different organizations. We promote their events on social media and create email blasts for their use. Recently we were able to be part of the Tourette Association of America’s event by creating flyers, eblasts and social media encouraging people to be part of their event. At TiedIn Media we are so proud to be a part of so many great organizations and contributing to their events and we love when we get the opportunity to help better our community.

While we enjoy helping out with the various charitable events for many selfless reasons we would be lying if we told you our business didn’t also improve greatly from working with nonprofits. Another benefit of playing a role in these events is that we get a lot of business from companies that see our work. That’s why we encourage our clients to be attending charity events and trade shows because it gets your name out there. When other companies see that we are philanthropic they want to work with us much more than a competitor who isn’t.