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TiedIn Media Launches Website For Scott Jenkins Foundation

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September 27, 2018
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December 18, 2018

TiedIn Media Launches Website For Scott Jenkins Foundation

As we’ve mentioned before, at TiedIn Media we hold projects such as the Scott Jenkins Foundation near and dear to our hearts. Projects that focus on aiding those who need it most are ones we feel extremely passionate about. The Scott Jenkins Foundation is an organization that helps individuals and their families who have been affected by cancer by alleviating some of life’s responsibilities. It was essential to its success that this nonprofit organization have a web presence where people could learn more about what they do and offer.

Overall, the website is clean, simple, and bright to highlight the information rather than unnecessary frills. To ensure the site visitor is given important information about the foundation as soon as they arrive at the website, there are calls to action on the main slider including a contact button and a donate button. As a site visitor scrolls, they will be greeted with the mission statement as well as more links that can take them to a donate page, contact page, and a services page.

It is essential that it be made simple for site visitors to either make a donation or contact the foundation to utilize the services offered so every page of the website offers these two options. This makes the user experience simpler as they will not have to go to a separate page to fill out the contact form or to find a donate button. This website accomplishes exactly what it’s purpose is, informs and highlights a call to action in multiple locations on the site.

More about Scott Jenkins Foundation: Our mission at the Scott Jenkins Foundation is to assist individuals and their immediate families affected by cancer. We believe that no person or family should have to change their way of living to provide the proper care that is necessary during this journey. We help alleviate some of life’s major responsibilities by means of financial support for the continued costs of rent/mortgage, utilities, food, and basic needs. We offer mentorship and support groups, as well as general wellness services, which we believe, help guide the family towards a more enlightened path. We support the individual and their family so that the focus and attention are given where it’s needed, with your loved one. It is our greatest pleasure to accommodate you and your family during this time. We believe that bringing comfort to you and your loved ones should be your major concern, let us help you take care of the rest.

You can experience the full site by visiting: www.scottjenkinsfoundation.org