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TiedIn Media launches website for Resumes By Kat

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TiedIn Media Launches Sleek Website for Leap EDU
January 17, 2017
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January 31, 2017

TiedIn Media launches website for Resumes By Kat

Tied In Tuesday Resumes by Kat

Creating a resume, in many ways, is very similar to web development and branding especially in the case of Resumes By Kat. Resumes, similarly to the development of this website, need to be concise, organized, and visually striking.

Concise-one of the more important aspects of resume writing as well as website development. When a resume/website is not concise then the reader or visitor gets easily frustrated. If your resume is not concise your chances of getting that job become very slim, if your website is not concise you will lose site visitors. People should be able to get to the point of who you are, what your business does, and what you can offer them because conciseness is also largely about convenience for the reader/visitor.

To portray this conciseness the homepage of the Resumes By Kat allows for easy access to summaries of the most important aspects of this business. The visitor is greeted by a mission statement briefly explaining the benefits of working with a resume writer. When the visitor scrolls through the homepage they will find the different services offered, the prices of these services, and then a summary of the overall process of working with a resume writer without even utilizing the other links.

Organized-similar to conciseness, organization is a top priority in resume writing and website development. Just as your job experience on your resume should be organized chronologically to ensure the interviewer can easily understand your level of experience, information on a website needs to be organized through easily navigable links.

Organization is prominent on the Resumes By Kat website. Each link is carefully crafted to lead the visitor to the information that they need. All the services that are offered are organized under one link so the visitor can easily choose exactly what service they are looking for.

Visually Striking-it is a huge plus to have a resume that is visually striking, the most obvious reason why is because it helps your resume stand out from the pile of competitors. Web design and development is no different in this aspect, there are tons of competing websites and yours needs to be visually striking to stand out from the crowd.

In order to create a visually striking website, we utilized a pop of color throughout. This bright, yet not obnoxious, color grabs the attention of the visitor.

A visually striking website coupled with conciseness and organization captures the visitor’s attention and maintains their interest most likely resulting in new business.

To experience the full site visit: www.resumesbykat.com


More about ResumesByKat.com:

Resumes By Kat is unlike any other resume company. So many companies emphasize quantity over quality, assigning you to a consultant who drops you into a conventional format. I begin by listening carefully to your employment goals, your strengths and accomplishments. The resume I craft for you will be unlike anyone else’s resume because you are a unique individual. I will find the perfect pitch to a specific job.