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TiedIn Media Launches Website For LG Planning Group

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August 14, 2018
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August 22, 2018

TiedIn Media Launches Website For LG Planning Group

Recently, TiedIn Media launched the redesigned website for LG Planning Group. Their original website was outdated and unorganized and needed more added visual interest. After reviewing what their needs were and how they wanted to communicate their company’s message, we gave them an updated responsive website, which better reflected their company.

While the colors remained the same as the original website’s, the layout was altered to better represent an organizational flow. We added more visual interest by updating their homepage slider. Since their business is focused on people, we added more imagery including people. We made the imagery brighter and, thus, more inviting to site visitors. Overall we altered the website’s design to better fit the message they wanted to convey, which is that they are friendly, inviting, reliable, and professional.

The website now flows seamlessly, allowing site visitors to easily access the information they need, whether they are an employer or an employee. With this redesigned, organized and visually interesting website, LG Planning Group is guaranteed to have a higher turnover rate of site visitors becoming clients.

Additionally, we created their business cards and backdrop to further their marketing efforts.

To learn more about LG Planning Group and to experience the full site visit: lgplanninggroup.com

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