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TiedIn Media Launches Website For Kevin Nicholas, Modern Mentalist

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TiedIn Media Launches Website For Kevin Nicholas, Modern Mentalist

Modern Mentalist before and after

Recently, Long Island Web Design Company TiedIn Media launched a new website for Kevin Nicholas aka the Modern Mentalist. Originally a slightly outdated website lacking visual interest and information, TiedIn Media updated the site with powerful imagery and information about Kevin Nicholas.

There is a fine line between simple and plain. It is very possible to have a simple web design using imagery appropriate to the theme or feeling of the site. For example, by using a large image of Kevin Nicholas rather than just simply using the logo on black background there is more visual interest yet it still maintains a mysterious feel. A cool aspect of this site is when a visitor first scrolls down through the website the Modern Mentalist logo appears. This is the type of simple visual interest that maintains a viewers interest without being plain and boring. While the website needed a dark and mysterious vibe, color attracts people. By using dark purples as a pop of color, there is added visual interest without being too bright.

Besides updating the website TiedIn Media also created the logo for Modern Mentalist. By taking something as classic as the spade shape and giving it a more modern look, the name and the logo symbol now coincide together. Visit http://www.modernmentalist.com/ to experience the full site.

More about Kevin Nicholas, Modern Mentalist:

Stylish flare coupled with a gravitational energy that pulls you in leaving you speechless, Kevin Nicholas is not your average magician. In fact he goes by the term mentalist, a Modern Mentalist who dazzles his audiences and leaves them craving more.

Kevin began honing his craft at thirteen years old. Within two years he was already an international award-winning magician and on his way to captivating audiences around the world with his illusions. Constantly improving and practicing daily, Kevin’s dedication to his craft has brought him throughout the world to perform his own brand of magic known as Modern Mentalism.