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TiedIn Media Launches Website For HumbleGainz

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January 9, 2019
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January 28, 2019

TiedIn Media Launches Website For HumbleGainz

Recently, TiedIn Media launched the website for startup athletic clothing brand, HumbleGainz. This startup brand needed an e-commerce website where customers can easily purchase clothing and learn more about the brand. We provided the creators of HumbleGainz with a well-designed website that communicated the message of the brand while providing site visitors with a seamless experience.

As an e-commerce website, the main focus is on the products. Large sliders and images throughout the homepage of the showcase the clothing and give the site visitor easy access to either the women’s collection or the men’s collection. Additionally, as a brand that relies on generating a connection with their target audience through social media, their Instagram feed can be found towards the bottom of the website. Blog posts on the homepage also allow customers to stay updated with the brand including media and news content.

More about HumbleGainz: HumbleGainz is a true “lifestyle” brand. We don’t just represent the guys and girls who are in the gym kicking ass.  It’s not all about looks! We want to show the world how important it is to live an overall healthy lifestyle. We realize that most generations see fit people and understand that they obviously work hard in the gym, but what we don’t see often is what else they do productively including the struggles and accomplishments that don’t involve fitness. It is this drive that allows them to perform in any area of life’s battles. Being well trained in all aspects of life, and showcasing this worldwide culture is what this brand represents.

Visit: www.humblegainz.com to experience the full site and to check out this awesome clothing brand!