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TiedIn Media Launches Video to Showcase New Services and Website Announces TiedIn Media As Best Long Island Web Design Company
June 18, 2013
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August 5, 2013

TiedIn Media Launches Video to Showcase New Services and Website

TiedIn Media, a leading online marketing and consulting agency, recently launched their new website and video that showcases services such as social media marketing and SEO. TiedIn Media is a full scale online marketing agency that specializes in organic search engine optimization (SEO), web site design, pay per click advertising (PPC), and Web Development. The company recently developed Search Engine Optimization marketing strategies and new social media marketing programs to provide businesses of a variety.

“We are excited that our new video and website will reflect our brand.” CEO Dean Spinato.

Social media services offered by TiedIn Media. Social media is a rapidly emerging trend that is being embraced by major corporations. The web used to be “read only” content and now it’s a “read and write” interactive experience where consumers can participate in discussions and share advice. Businesses seeking to enhance their online promotion strategy are engaging the services of businesses like TiedIn Media. TiedIn Media can create and implement social media campaigns.

About TiedIn Media: 212-359-1609
Based in New York, TiedIn Media is well prepared to handle a variety of Internet service website needed, from helping a newly created business get on the Web, to producing amazing sites for people without a website presence as well as redesigning existing websites with modern design trends and an easy to use content management system. At TiedIn Media , clients will get the VIP website treatment they deserve.

Here at NYC Web Design strives on giving the opportunity for people and business to grow with the website. Clients are incredibly excited about the new innovations PPI has developed for creating the next generation of interactive websites and how they can be tailor made to meet their needs.

Call TiedIn Media today. Cutting edge website design combined with next generation technology make TiedIn Media the choice for those who truly understand that effective branding is the key to success in e-commerce, social networking ad inline marketing. For a custom website, web design, web development or any basic website contact: today. 212-359-1609