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TiedIn Media Launches Sleek Website for Leap EDU

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TiedIn Media Launches Sleek Website for Leap EDU

Tied IN Tuesday Leap EDU

TiedIn Media recently launched a website design for Leap Edu real estate pre-licensing school. As the school frequently offers new courses, events, and other opportunities to their current and potential students, the website had to clearly display this information. We placed a slider on the homepage of the site, which displays each of Leap Edu’s new offers in a slideshow format. By utilizing this slider in the website, the site’s visitors can easily gather the information they are looking for and learn about new opportunities. By clicking on the different slides of the homepage’s slider, a site visitor can easily access more information on that topic as they are brought to another page which provides more details. The main point of Leap Edu’s website was to make each site visitor’s experience seamless, efficient, and informative. To experience the full site visit www.leapedu.com


More about Leap Edu:

Leap EDU is a premier 21st century Real Estate Pre-licensing school focused on providing national and regional brokerages with cutting edge educational programs for their Salespeople and Brokers. The Real Estate Salesperson has shifted towards a more younger, highly educated, and an advanced trained Real Estate Salesperson. In our time the consumer is now more educated due to the tools such as the Internet, Apps and their ease and endless accessibility to information.

Leap EDU recognizes this change and in the trend, and we are taking the approach to help train current and new Salespeople and Brokers to utilize 100% of their ability. With our highly experienced & trained instructors as well as our advanced Continuing Education courses,

Leap EDU is at the forefront in producing the future of the new, improved, and highly advanced Real Estate Salesperson.