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TiedIn Media Launches Newly Designed Website For FBA National

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July 5, 2019

TiedIn Media Launches Newly Designed Website For FBA National

Long Island marketing agency, TiedIn Media launched a redesigned website for FBA National, an employee and employer benefits provider. FBA National needed a central hub for those using their services can go to access their accounts as well as a place that potential clients can learn more about the company. Their new website needed to be information-based and provide site visitors with everything they need to fully understand the company and their wide array of services.

The old website for FBA National was outdated and was lacking the functionality that they needed. Many of the links brought a site visitor off of the website, which means the chances of them returning to the website are slim. Additionally, the navigation was confusing as there is no organization within the links for employers and employees, which may leave clients confused as to how to use the website to access their information.

The updated website we created better reflects modern website practices with improved organization and functionality. With the new website, links do not take a site visitor off of the website completely, and rather, open a new tab for the user so they can easily return to the website if needed. The navigation is organized to feature drop-down links for both employers and employees, which allows them to easily find the information they need. Overall, the updated website organizes the vast amount of information in a way that is effective for any visitor to the site.

More about FBA National: With more than 70 years of combined experience, our firm has been delivering on our promise to provide unique benefits packages that are both dynamic yet consumer-friendly. We pride ourselves on delivering nothing less than perfection to our clients. Our highly successful client base keeps us passionate about delivering the best benefits packages with simple, service-oriented administration. We’ve created a variety of bundled consumer products which allows employees to spend their money on the services which are most important to them and their families. Ranging from health, life, and liability insurance to tax-free benefit accounts, we can provide packages that best fit the needs of you and your employees. We have a simple philosophy of providing our clients with superior personalized service, in combination with great products that allow them the upmost value and flexibility.

Visit www.FBANational.com to experience the full website!