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TiedIn Media Launches My Doctor P Website

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August 9, 2009

TiedIn Media Launches My Doctor P Website

Doctor. Sreedhar Potarazu is a distinguished ophthalmologist and entrepreneur.

He’s the founder and CEO of Vital Spring Technologies Inc., a privately-held business software firm dedicated to empowering employers to eventually become more sophisticated purchasers healthcare.

As truly among the most respected experts in his own area, Ph.D. Potarazu’s thoughts, ideas, views, and eyesight are consistently sought after by the media. He was chosen as a “eminent pro” from the Washington Post where he writes a weekly column in the nationwide debate over healthcare. In addition, he appears often on national tv news shows, such as the highly revered Fox Business Channel’s Your World with Neil Cavuto, Bulls & Bears, and Stuart Varney.

Last Year, Ph.D. Potarazu helped alter the view of how employers handle healthcare for their businesses. His widely acclaimed book, “Get Off The Dime, The Solution of Altering Who Pays For The Health Care” is praised by physicians as, “compulsory reading for anybody in the medical benefits, insurance, political or technological area.” and by others in the business as both “a convincing logic for the power of it” and “a simple blue-print that starts a transparent dialogue to pave the way for bright change whatsoever levels.”

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