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TiedIn Media Launches Clean Website For 5th Avenue Cleaners

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TiedIn Media Launches Clean Website For 5th Avenue Cleaners

Tied IN Tuesday 5th Avenue Cleaners

TiedIn Media launches a website for 5th Avenue Cleaners, a full service dry cleaning company. Of course a website dedicated to a company that cleans clothes should reflect just that, cleanliness.

When developing the website it was important to keep in mind this idea of clean and simple. The first component that a visitor of the site sees is a simple image which lays out the services that 5th Avenue Cleaners offers. As they scroll, the visitor sees bold text which states that they offer free office and residential pick up. This is followed by imagery organized into columns to break up the text. As the visitor continues to navigate through the website they learn that 5th Avenue Cleaners utilizes eco friendly products in their dry cleaning process and then are greeted with coupons for discounted prices on their dry cleaning services.

When utilizing the navigation on the website, a visitor can visit four different links: Home, Delivery Services, Restoration Services, and Contact. By limiting the number of links that the visitor is offered, the experience is much more simplified and guarantees that they will more easily find what they are looking for.

When designing a website for any cleaning service, it is important for the website to reflect the clean look that this service embodies. That is why we maintained a clean and organized look with simple imagery and only utilizing red as the pop of color for 5th Avenue Cleaners.

More About 5th Avenue Cleaners:

5th Avenue Cleaners is a full service dry cleaner that offers dry cleaning, wash and fold and tailoring services. They are also offering delivery services, they will pick up and deliver dry cleaning to your office or residence with no extra fees. Items would be picked up on Monday and delivered by Thursday or vice versa. This eliminates the hassle of dropping off clothing at a local dry cleaner because they come right to you! So if your laundry is piling up you should give 5th Avenue Cleaners a call at 631-665-0900

Visit: http://5thavenuecleaners.com/ to experience the full site and to get more information on pricing.