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TiedIn Media Launches Acres Capital New Site

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May 23, 2014
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TiedIn Media Launches Acres Capital New Site

ACRES Capital, LLC (the “Company” or “ACRES”) is a specialty structured finance company which provides unique capital solutions for the commercial real estate industry

The Company offers proficient skill and expertise in the originationstructuringunderwriting and asset management of high-yielding, complex real estate investments

ACRES invests in all parts of the “capital stack” for a wide variety of commercial real estate asset types; the target investments are short-term 1st mortgages which offer equity size returns 

The Company seeks positions in the $2 million to $15 million range on transitional properties offering strong upside potential in primary and secondary markets – a sector that has been severely underserved by traditional financing sources since 2008 

ACRES structures its investments to ensure that every dollar of capital is repaid while realizing the greatest possible returns

ACRES is led by a team of highly successful and accomplished real estate executives possessing exceptional skill in identifying and managing structured finance assets.

ACRES intends to raise and deploy capital through a private equity fund and/or act as Investment Manager on a programmatic basis for capital partners