TiedIn Media Gears Up PinkTie's Website For The 5th Annual PinkTie.org Event | Long Island Web Design and Professional Marketing Company

TiedIn Media Gears Up PinkTie’s Website For The 5th Annual PinkTie.org Event

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March 28, 2017
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TiedIn Media Providing Marketing For The 5th Annual PinkTie.org Event With Performance By Scott Stapp
April 11, 2017

TiedIn Media Gears Up PinkTie’s Website For The 5th Annual PinkTie.org Event

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As the official marketing partner for PinkTie.org, TiedIn Media has begun preparations for the 5th annual PinkTie.org event. In addition to all the print materials created, we also revamped their website to reflect the excitement of this event. Now the first thing a visitor to the site sees the announcement of this upcoming event highlighting an exciting performance by Scott Stapp, the voice of Creed. Below this striking image is a countdown to the event so that any visitor to the site will know when the event is happening in relation to the current date. Below the countdown are links that will take the visitor to more info about the event, ways to become a sponsor, and more about the headlining act. Since the PinkTie.org annual events are very important to this organization it was important to ensure that the first aspects of the site that a visitor sees is highlighting their event.

PinkTie.org’s 5th Annual Event will take place on Monday May 22nd from 6-11pm at The Crest Hollow Country Club in Woodbury NY, benefiting The Don Monti Memorial Research Foundation. One hundred percent of proceeds will go to charity. Not only is the community impact huge, but also 3000 expected attendees will enjoy a spectacular live performance by Scott Stapp, The Voice of Creed. You can purchase tickets and learn more about their philanthropy at https://pinktie.org/