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TiedIn Media Designs Logo and Launches Website For Valley Stream Youth Wrestling

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July 11, 2018
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TiedIn Media Designs Logo and Launches Website For Valley Stream Youth Wrestling


At TiedIn Media we truly enjoy working on projects that are involved in the community, which is why we were extremely excited for the opportunity to work with Valley Stream Youth Wrestling on their branding.

A team sport needs a consistent brand to represent the unity that the word ‘team’ envelops. Valley Stream Youth Wrestling was lacking a brand, their logo and colors were not cohesive. We created a new logo for them, which better captures the essence of their team while still maintaining the Rhino icon that they wanted to incorporate, but giving it a facelift. We also updated their colors to be a brighter blue, which embodies the ‘youth’ aspect of this organization.

Valley Stream Youth Wrestling had zero web presence and without a website, it became hard for parents to access information about the organization that they wished to enroll their child in. We created a website that not only reflected the new brand but also made it extremely easy and accessible for parents to learn more. Parents now have a place where they can learn about the coaches, programs, and even download registration forms.

The rebrand of Valley Stream Youth Wrestling is guaranteed to create a more seamless experience for site visitors, which will result in more site visitors becoming a part of the organization.

More about Valley Stream Youth Wrestling: The Valley Stream Youth Wrestling Club is a not-for-profit organization; our goal is to teach children about practicing sportsmanship, staying physically active, work on balance, agility, strength and developing reflexes all while having fun. Wrestling is a contact sport designed to teach children how to control their opponent while maintaining self-control. It is a sport of discipline, focus, and hard work, resulting in a positive self-image and strong work ethics. It’s a great sport to build character and one of the oldest spots in the Olympic Games. It does not promote violence, so you won’t ever see anyone throwing punches or jumping off ropes, like the WWE. That type of behavior is purely for entertainment and is scripted, not something we do. There are three types of wrestling styles, Folk, Freestyle, and Greco, but we will be teaching Folk style which is the main style that is taught all the way to the collegiate level. Wrestling is designed to grapple with another opponent safely to the ground in a series of techniques by attacking the legs and exposing your opponent’s back for points, ultimately resulting in a victory. Since our 1st season (2017) our coaching staff have lots of patience when working with children and are eager to revitalizing the wrestling program for the Valley Stream community.

Visit www.valleystreamwrestling.com