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TiedIn Media Creates Website for TPG Website

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TiedIn Media Creates Website for TPG Website

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TiedIn Media launched a website for TPG Hockey, a management company tailored to hockey players. This website has a sleek look utilizing dark colors with a modern flare. Cool blue colors throughout the site reflect the atmosphere of the ice and the clock-like background reminds visitors to the site that the sport is all about making the best of each period. Since this website was created for a management firm, we needed to ensure that the overall look was professional yet still reflected the energy of the sport.

One of the most important aspects of TPG’s website was the impressive list of clients. The slider, which is the first thing a visitor sees, showcases multiple TPG players. Underneath the slider are links that lead to a full list of TPG players, services, and headlines. By showcasing positive media and high-profile clients, this encourages other potential clients to work with them resulting in more business.

Visit: http://tpghockey.com/ to experience the full site!

More about TPG Hockey:  TPG Hockey Inc., is a team of players for the PLAYER. Led by seasoned NHL veterans, mentors, experienced marketers and legal minds, TPG combines its extensive knowledge and understanding of the game of hockey with its unparalleled experience in the field of negotiating to provide successful representation with the personal touch other agencies can not provide. With the diverse background of its team members, TPG works directly with and for you, the athlete, not only in the game of hockey, but also in developing and mentoring athletes for life after hockey, ensuring their continued success after they step off the ice for the last time. Much like the physical competition of the sport, the hockey industry is a complex system and success requires experience, talent, commitment and hard work. TPG is exceptionally skilled in all of these areas and provides nothing but the best in each, always advocating on your behalf.