TiedIn Media Creates Website For Ride With Dylan, A Charitable Initiative

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July 2, 2018
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July 9, 2018

TiedIn Media Creates Website For Ride With Dylan, A Charitable Initiative

Of course, at TiedIn Media our passion lies in creating designs for a wide array of companies and brands, but it is always a bonus when we get to create something for altruistic causes. This is why creating the website for Ride With Dylan was a project near and dear to our hearts.

Dylan Tavella is a young, gifted, and all-around talented racecar driver who is well known in the racing community. However, aside from his talents, this young man is extremely selfless, using his prominence as a way to draw attention to the fight against children’s Leukemia. The concept of Ride With Dylan lies in Dylan Tavella’s racecar, where people who donate to causes benefiting the fight against children’s Leukemia can then upload a selfie and have it posted on his car. The idea is that Dylan will race while honoring everyone who is selflessly supporting the cause.

When site visitors first arrive at the site they are greeted with an attention-grabbing video of Dylan Tavella as he races around a track. This visual excites the site visitor and encourages them to continue reading. As they scroll through the website, everything they need to know about the concept is explained including more about who Dylan is, why he is supporting this cause, and how the concept works.

Users are also offered a donation button on the homepage, but can also find a donate page link in the main menu. The menu also features links including sponsors and how to become a sponsor, more about Dylan and his racecar driving career, and a contact page.

If you wish to donate to Ride With Dylan and support cause, which fight children’s Leukemia then please visit: www.ridewithdylan.com