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TiedIn Media Creates Personal Branding for Matthew Bizzarro

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TiedIn Media Creates Personal Branding for Matthew Bizzarro

Tied IN Tuesday The Bizzarro Agency

TiedIn Media recently created a personal branding for Matthew Bizzarro of The Bizzarro Agency. As a knowledgeable and well-connected broker, Matthew needed a website to reflect this. Organizing every piece of information such as his core values, team facts, and media, this website lays out everything that a potential client needs to know about Matthew. Quickly learning that he’s honest, philanthropic, and an expert in his field.

Mainly focusing on city properties such as the neighborhoods of Uptown Manhattan, Central Brooklyn and The Bronx, Matthew’s website needed to have a modern flare similar to the properties he deals with. Throughout the site are imagery of city views to make it more apparent to the visitor where Matthew conducts his business. The site also utilizes sleek colors such as dark gray with pops of orange paired with bright imagery, which maintains the modern sleekness that grabs the viewers attention.

TiedIn Media also redesigned business cards for The Bizzarro Agency, also maintaining a similar look to tie into the website design. This business cards portray the basic information needed as well as a simplified New York skyline, which Matthew Bizzarro has become so familiar with. We specifically kept the cards simple, making it easy for any recipient to quickly gather the information they need with a hint of visual appeal.

To experience the full site visit: http://matthewbizzarro.com/

More About Matthew Bizzarro:

As a graduate of the prestigious Charles F. Dolan School of Business at Fairfield University, Matthew Bizzarro takes great pride in his boutique firm, The Bizzarro Agency. Matthew opened The Bizzarro Agency with his extensive experience and knowledge of real estate and business ethics. He has transformed the market with his cutting edge and honest approach serving Uptown Manhattan, Central Brooklyn and The Bronx real estate markets for over a decade and a half. Matthew is widely regarded as one of the most knowledgeable and well-connected brokers. His thriving business is founded upon honesty, professionalism and market expertise. Matthew’s rank as a top sales agent is a testament to his dedication and results-driven professional approach.

Matthew’s expertise and specialization in these neighborhoods is second to none. He believes, “Clients will have the most success dealing with a real estate broker who specializes in the client’s desired neighborhood. I’ve focused my last 15 years mastering the neighborhoods of Uptown Manhattan, Central Brooklyn and The Bronx.”