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TiedIn Media Creates Logo for Nicole Campisi

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TiedIn Media Creates Logo for Nicole Campisi

Logo design is one of our specialties at TiedIn Media. We sincerely enjoy the opportunity to create something that will communicate a brand’s message, an identifying mark that will be featured on every marketing material that is created thus forth. This is why we are always excited to showcase the logos we create for clients such as this one, which was created for Nicole Campisi, a real estate agent, and productivity coach.

Nicole Campisi had a very specific message in mind that she wanted to be portrayed to clients and those she coaches. “Because I Love Houses.” A very simple, but firm statement that, of course, needed to be visually reflective. We chose to use a simple sans-serif font stacked on top of each other for impact, readability, and clarity. To truly highlight the emotion of the statement, we highlighted the word “love” in red. By adding the heart-shaped key icon, we were able to tie the idea of love and houses together.

The whole logo is tied together by a script signature reading “nicole campisi” ensuring that everyone knows who this statement belongs to.

If you need an updated logo or a brand new one from scratch, don’t hesitate to contact us at contact@tiedinmedia.com. We are logo experts and can ensure that you can communicate the message you want your target audience to receive.