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Three Myths About The Marketing Industry

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Three Myths About The Marketing Industry

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The marketing industry is a complex one that can be confusing for anyone looking for marketing services. This is why so many people, specifically small businesses, will just completely skip marketing altogether to avoid the process of finding the right marketing company for them. By doing this, these businesses miss out on the opportunity for growth on a scale they couldn’t have imagined. Hopefully we can put some of these minds at ease by debunking a few misconceptions those may have about the marketing industry.

  1. “The only thing marketing companies want is to make a profit, they don’t care about my business.”
    This is a common misconception, while some marketing companies may only be after making a profit off of you at TiedIn Media we care about your success. This is because we become friends with our clients and we truly care about seeing them succeed. This industry is our passion and as much as you don’t want your business to fail we don’t want to fail at what we do. This is why we always try our hardest to ensure you see the best results from working with us without simply focusing on making a profit off of you without delivering you results.
  2. “A marketing company won’t listen to what I want, they just do whatever they think will look best.”
    While we definitely have our own opinions on what we think will look best, we care more about what you want for your business. We will always offer our advice, but we will never push what we think will look best on a client who is not open to it. We fully believe that the client knows their business best and should get the final say in their marketing.
  3. “I can’t afford marketing for my small business.”
    We work very often with small businesses and we understand their needs vary from big clients. Each marketing package we offer is tailored for each client’s needs and we are sure to never charge a client for anything that is unnecessary to their business’ success.

Just like not all businesses are the same, not all marketing companies are the same. If you are a small business unsure if you want to work with a marketing company reach out to us at for a free consultation, we are sure that we can put your misconceptions about working with a marketing company to rest.