The TiedIn Media Team at the First Committee Meeting | Long Island Web Design and Professional Marketing Company

The TiedIn Media Team at the First Committee Meeting

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The TiedIn Media Team at the First Committee Meeting

Tied IN refuge

James Brennan: Creative Director | Julia Franke: Graphic Designer/Writer | Jamie Sciortino: Graphic Designer/ Programmer | Dean Spinato: CEO & Co-founder

The TiedIn Media team at the Refuge in Melville for the first committee meeting of Rich Cave, co-founder of, kicked off the meeting by discussing’s mission and all the amazing things they have been able to accomplish. Among the many amazing people being thanked for their contributions to a great organization, TiedIn Media made it’s debut as’s marketing partner.

Learn more about and their mission:

PinkTie1000’s core mission is to benefit local organizations, nationwide, in the communities that we serve, which are predominately volunteer, with zero-to-minimal overhead expenses and administrative fees.  This allows us to make the most direct impact in the community. Our vision is to bring our vast network of business professionals together, in support of education and research to find a cure for causes including (but not limited to): breast cancer, autism, traumatic brain injury, and more.

And visit: for more information