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The Importance of Responsive Web Design

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The Importance of Responsive Web Design

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Web design is no longer cut and dry. Multiple devices with internet capabilities have added to the need for responsive web design, this means that if a consumer is viewing your website on their phone it still looks as great as it does on a desktop. As the amount of people utilizing other devices besides their desktops increases exponentially, so does the need for responsive websites that maintain a great experience for each user.

The purpose of a responsive website is to adapt to different devices.Viewing the same site on a desktop and a mobile device will produce the same great looking website while maintaining the same user experience. This is important because when a customer is viewing your site on a mobile device they won’t have to zoom in and out to navigate because buttons and text will be the perfect size for this layout.

Around 95% of Americans now own a cellphone, 77% of that being smart phones and as the years pass an increasing amount of Americans are relying on their smart phones as their main means of accessing the web. If this staggering statistic is still not enough to convince you a responsive website is the way to go then consider this: You own a cleaning business in Melville, NY. Jack is searching for a cleaning business local to his town by scrolling through his phone’s Google results. He stops on your cleaning business and clicks the link. Jack sighs in frustration when he is greeted with a site that has text too small to see without zooming in and buttons too small to press, he leaves your site and continues on through his Google results to find another cleaning business. You just lost a customer and based on those cell phone statistics just think how many customers you lose everyday. A responsive site will boost your conversion rates and diminish the amount of visitors that leave your site after a few seconds.

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