Danea Silkiss | Long Island Web Design and Professional Marketing Company
Danea Silkiss - Social Media Specialist
Danea Silkiss is TiedIn Media’s social media specialist who is instrumental in handling our clients’ content on their social sites. An understanding of the importance of social media for a company’s success combined with his strong interpersonal, organizational, and research skills, Danea is highly capable of generating results-driven social media posts that will add to the success of our clients.

In addition to generating content for social media sites, Danea has also worked with PinkTie.org for two years, with the crew on Sunday Night Live Radio Show, as well as helped spearhead V8PE. He also has valuable experience working with Shopify on ecommerce as well as experience in handling research and development. Danea’s business experiences coupled with his knowledge of social media allow him to creatively and successfully generate results for our clients.