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Need Event Marketing?

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Need Event Marketing?

Do you have a big event coming up? One that could bring you new business? Then it is essential that you make a lasting impression on the event’s attendees. This can be as simple as having a marketing presence at the event including but not limited to tablecloths, backdrops, signage, and promotional items. These marketing materials can help draw attention to your business ensuring that you leave each event with new connections and new business.

Utilizing eye-catching and cohesive marketing materials can ensure that more people stop by your setup. Backdrops that quickly describe your company and tablecloths with your branding are a great way to give your space at an event a professional look. Specifically, when you are at trade show events, you are competing with various other companies for the attention of the attendees. This why it is essential that you have a strong presence as compared to your competitors.

Additionally, by having backdrops and tablecloths that tie into your brand you will be able to use these materials at more than just one event, which is not only useful but also cost-effective.

At TiedIn Media we offer a variety of print marketing materials that will leave a lasting impression on the event attendees. Our materials include backdrops, tablecloths, standing signs, banners, tents, business cards, flyers, postcards, and more! Not only will we create stunning designs based on your branding, but our prices are also extremely affordable!

Contact us at if you would like to discuss how we can make your event space a memorable one!