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mobile-devBe A Mobile Company!

The mobile industry is developing at a quick pace, largely impacting your marketing development!

• TiedIn Media has in-house capabilities to strategize, stylize and create access for mobile phones.

• Our experience goes beyond mobile phones and reaches into all elements of website design, development, and online advertising.

• At TiedIn Media we will not only develop you a mobile program, we will construct a mobile effort from start to finish.

We have excellent attributes that will make your mobile website an experience your customers will love. It might not be obvious whether your business requires a mobile application, as companies can do great with a mobile-friendly website. However, there are circumstances where an application can enhance user involvement, resulting in a good return.

Have your site optimized for all smart phones! TiedIn Media can create an inexpensive mobile site which functions on all major platforms. Nokia, Blackberry, iPhone and Android Mobile Analytics: Keep track of how much traffic you’re mobile website is getting.

1.Will users gain from 24/7 accesses to your content?
If yes, a mobile application could benefit your business! Illustrations of such content-delivering apps are Facebook, NYTimes and other RSS reader apps.

2.Will customers gain considerably from offline access to your content?
If yes, then an application is the way to go. Programs may be utilized when customers are not attached to a mobile network or WiFi.

3.Is the app for a sport or utility?
If yes, then a cellular application is unquestionably the best way to create a convenient experience for your customers. Utilities such as voice recorders, image editors and games make ideal applications.
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