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Marketing To Millenials 101

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Marketing To Millenials 101

TiedIn Media Marketing to Millennials

Millennials make up a bulk of our population, according to the United States Census Bureau, they consist of 83.1 million people and outnumber the baby boomers by around 10 million people. The millennials are also considered the most diverse group of people in the United States, being born between 1982 and 2002 this one large group consists of various age groups that all have different characteristics and habits. This is why marketing to millennials can be a daunting task, which requires plenty of research and a deeper understanding of this elusive age group.

The main reason why marketing to Millennials appears difficult is that the size of this group is colossal. This is why it is essential that you break this group into smaller age groups. Depending on what your product is, it would be extremely helpful to break the larger millennial group into a smaller target group. For example, marketing a home-buying service to the younger portion of the millennials who are still in college wouldn’t be as lucrative as it would be to an older group of millennials. Do your market research and then decide which portion you should focus in on because it would be way too ambitious to go after the entirety. Once broken down into a smaller subgroup, you should research the group further. Discovering their habits, likes, dislikes, and daily activities. This will help you to create your marketing plan.

Marketing to Millennials can seem like a challenge, but once looked at as smaller subgroups it becomes much simpler. Think about what age group would be more likely to use your product or service and leverage this to your advantage.