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June 5, 2012
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Long Island Web Design Company TiedIn Media

TiedIn Media, Inc. (TIM), a leading Internet Marketing Company headquartered in Syosset, New York, and a Long Island Web Design company, today released its enhanced web service.

Syosset, New York (PRWEB) June 14, 2012

TiedIn Media, Inc. (TIM), a Long Island Web Design Company as well as a leading Internet marketing company headquartered in Syosset, New York, today released its enhanced web services roster. The list is vital to companies seeking to upgrade their online business presence, manage their online reputation as well as for those “small businesses just starting out.”

“The Internet Marketplace is competitive on an international scale,” notes Dean Spinato, President and Director of Business Development, TiedIn Media, Inc. “Even successful web businesses need to upgrade to keep up with ever changing search engine algorithms,” SEO is constantly changing…your company must be ready for Google Penguin. With the latest Google Penguin algorithm update, designed to weed out Internet pollution and spam, Google is getting more specific about how websites are judged on quality” Mr. Spinato states. However, it’s important to know what your business needs, then select a company that can meet if not exceed your expectations. Trends that have become essential include: custom content development, social media extensions, relevant web design, media experience and mobile sites. A so-called “Cheap Website” is not the way you want to shop for the vehicle that will drive your business. Scoring a good deal for a website may actually cost you thousands in the long run. The key is finding a fair price for a job that will best serve your business.

The way that TiedIn Media responds to their client’s needs to sustain and grow their businesses is we work with you to develop a branded web architecture that will best fulfill your business objectives. We will collaborate and complete a detailed intake form to identify your needs. Using this as a guide, our team will create a design and implementation strategy that accomplishes your business vision. This will be an interactive process that results in a unique website and online engine that will forever enhance your brand and your business.

About TiedIn Media:
TiedIn Media is a talented, experienced team of web development professionals. Our client list includes members of the sports world, lawyers, financial consultants, music industry professionals and many cable TV news guests.

Based in New York, TiedIn Media is well prepared to handle a variety of Internet service needs, from helping a newly created business get on the Web, to producing amazing sites for people without a Web presence as well as redesigning existing websites with modern design trends and an easy to use content management system. At PPI, you will get the VIP treatment you deserve.

Here at TiedIn Media we strive on giving the opportunity for people and business to grow with the web. We are incredibly excited about the new innovations we have developed for creating the next generation of interactive websites and how they can be tailor made to meet your needs.

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