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Live Video’s Place In The Future Of Marketing

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Live Video’s Place In The Future Of Marketing

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As marketing changes more and more every year, we can expect new trends that no one would have thought possible years ago, one of these trends is live video streaming. Whilst scrolling through Facebook you may have seen a page you follow posted a live video, meaning that video’s content is happening in real time. You may be wondering why a company would need to post a live video to encourage consumers to purchase their product, however, a live video can portray a sense of urgency, keeps the consumer updated, and makes them feel as though they’re part of a community.

Live video is a relatively new concept to social media, however, many brands have found success utilizing this new feature. Public icons are using live video to their advantage; by using this platform to give a Q+A to fans. Fans then feel more connected to this person and it gives them a sense of knowing them personally. The impact can be the same if you are a brand. Specifically, brands that offer a product find that using live video to show a DIY of the product find that more consumers are purchasing that product. This is because the consumer feels more of a connection to you and the product, they also feel as though there is an absence of gimmicks.

Of course, live videos are not for every brand or company. You may find that if you are a bank or lawyer then using Facebook’s live video feature will not be as lucrative and will more likely be a waste of time. Creating a Facebook live video can work better for companies that are selling a product; even a realtor may find the feature useful when trying to sell a home. It is up to you to decide if your content is suited for a live video; you do not want to overuse this feature as people will become bored with your content. Videos are the future of social media marketing and marketers can no longer rely on static content to capture the interest of consumers.