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Jamie Sciortino

Jamie Sciortino is a professional graphic designer who specializes in web, branding, and identity design. Her artistic style, passion for the community, and graphic design skills makes her immensely valuable to the clients that work with her.

Jamie developed a passion for art at a young age, she loved drawing and painting. It wasn’t until high school that Jamie began experimenting in Photoshop and found that she had a natural ability in graphic design. This new digital world that she discovered was full of endless possibilities, she would be able to efficiently work on projects and still maintain the creativity that she held on to from a young age. This discovery encouraged Jamie to go on to study Graphic Design in college and earn a BFA in her field of study.

After graduating, Jamie worked at multiple companies. Most recently, she began working with Tiedin Media as a graphic designer. She utilizes her creativity to create dynamic websites, and excellent designs for the clients that work with the company. In addition to her design experience, Jamie has volunteered at multiple charities, which truly portrays her community oriented attitude and passionate character. Her work is shaped by this passion, pushing her desire to accurately depict a company’s brand and this is reflected in everything she creates.