James Brennan | Long Island Web Design and Professional Marketing Company
James Brennan - Creative Director
As a professional graphic designer, James Brennan’s expertise lies in brand development, web design, social media, and marketing. His passion for creativity combined with his skill set allows him to create unforgettable designs that brilliantly convey the mission of his clients.

James first discovered his passion for creativity through drawing. However, once he began working with digital programs he found that he was able to push his creativity to new levels. Working digitally allowed James to be versatile; it allowed him to easily experiment in a way that traditional mediums do not allow. This newfound affinity for working in digital formats is what pushed James to study Graphic Design at SUNY Oswego.

Soon after graduation, James joined Tiedin Media (formerly Powerplay International) as the creative director. It was through working with a multitude of the company’s high profile clients that James learned the value of marketing and branding. This pushed him to create increasingly dynamic designs, guiding the aesthetic and feel of a brand. His innovative and creative ideas coupled with his fierce attention to detail have encouraged clients to continue working with Tiedin Media.

Throughout the course of his career, James has built a reputation of strong and effective designs that generate positive results for his clients. This goes beyond excellent graphic design skills and extends into being an excellent communicator, a great collaborator, and eager to take on new challenges.