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Happy National Nonprofit Day!

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Happy National Nonprofit Day!

TiedIn Media National Nonprofit Day Post

National Nonprofit Day is an important one to us at TiedIn Media. As the official marketing partner of PinkTie.org, a nonprofit dedicated to supporting local charity organizations, we know how important it is to support organizations that help make our community a better place.

More About PinkTie.org and PinkTie1000:

Breast Cancer is a disease that is disproportionately prevalent; affecting many loved ones in our community. This is why the mission of PinkTie.org is to benefit local organizations, with a focus on research, education and cures to diseases such as breast cancer, pediatric cancer, autism and more. After the success of the first two annual PinkTie.org events we decided to create PinkTie1000, an initiative of PinkTie.org.

Learn about becoming a member at: https://www.pinktie1000.org/membership-account/membership-levels/

Make a donation to PinkTie.org at: https://pinktie.org/product/pinktie-org-donation/