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Get TiedIn To Our Story

TiedIn Media Launches Website For LG Planning Group
August 16, 2018
TiedIn Media Launches Website and Creates Logo For The First Annual Commack Day
August 27, 2018

Get TiedIn To Our Story

TiedIn Media, once known as Powerplay International, is a marketing agency located on Long Island, NY. Founded by Dean Spinato in 2009 after he realized how vital marketing was in the business industry, TiedIn Media quickly became a powerhouse in the realm of marketing. What began as a small marketing agency handling the marketing needs of grassroots companies has grown to provide marketing services for many fortune 500 companies. However, while TiedIn Media has continued to grow as a company, they never forgot where they started.

TiedIn Media understands that all different types of businesses need marketing, it is simply required for growth and success. So whether the company is brand new or has been around for decades, TiedIn Media is equipped to handle their marketing needs. By offering a variety of package options that can fit the needs and budget of any company of any size, all different businesses have the chance to reach their fullest potential.

Additionally, TiedIn Media’s holistic approach to marketing provides companies with the simplest way to reach their marketing goals. They offer web development, print design, email marketing, digital advertising, and social media making each company’s experience simple and stress-free. Rather than relying on multiple companies to be on the same page in regards to web design, print marketing, and digital marketing, TiedIn Media offers all of these services as a one-stop shop ensuring consistency throughout the brand.

If you are searching for a marketing company that has years of experience, is multi-faceted, and is extremely reliable then contact TiedIn Media at today!