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Every Business’ Website Will Soon Need To Use HTTPS

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Every Business’ Website Will Soon Need To Use HTTPS

If you take a look at your URL entry bar at the top of your browser, you will see that to the left of the URL (usually in green) there is a spot that says “https:” and to the left of that a small padlock with the word “secure” written next to it. This is ensuring the user that any data sent or received by the visitor is encrypted and thus protected. This feature was required for any site transferring information such as payments or bank info, but now is becoming increasingly more important for any business’ site.

Google recently began to identify pages as insecure unless they were using https. It isn’t a completely unwarranted action as sites without this feature make it easier for hackers to access internet connection and put malware into place. So while Google making it more obvious that your site is at risk for users is already a great reason to implement https, another main reason is that not having it in place is putting your clients and potential clients at risk.

If you’re thinking “My site doesn’t require users to enter any personal data.” then you should know it won’t matter to Google or to any of your site visitors. Google will still mark your site as insecure, which will probably alarm visitors causing them to flee your site. You will most likely lose out on many potential clients from not implementing https.

In addition to all the bad things that can happen if you don’t implement https, Google is also rewarding the sites that do. Sites with https will find themselves ahead of the sites without it on search results, which can result in a possible increase in clients for your business.

If you read through this list of negatives of not implementing https and the benefits of implementing it and you’re thinking “how do I do it?” Then fear not, we plan to help all of our clients’ sites become https certified. Simply reach out to us at contact@tiedinmedia.com if you would like to discuss making your site https.