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How can your site visitors turn into customers? We can help make your e-commerce site your most effective selling tool.

• Our E-commerce design process helps increase conversion rates.

• Your site is incorporated with us via social networking to assist users in engaging with you on the Internet.

• We now provide choices to suit every budget.

Just how to Build a Highly Effective E-commerce Web site

Establish clear goals on every page. Each page of your site needs to have an objective. For example, your homepage’s aim is to entice users to click through leading visitors to a product. On a product page, your aim is to provide the user with all the information needed to convince them to make a purchase as well as make it easy and simple to add other products to the shopping cart software applications. Your shopping cart software applications pages purpose is to always start the initial step of the checkout process by clicking on “Checkout”. Keep this in the mind when planning out the different pages in your e-commerce site.

Get users to come directly back. Look for techniques to get users to regularly revisit, making use of site retargeting. One excellent example of this technique is used in Threadless.com, which returns users directly back to its site through regular emails announcing the coming of new T-shirt designs. One more way they achieve this is to permit users to be notified each time a sold-out size is in stock. We seek to create opportunities that provide incentive for users to revisit your site. Ideally the more often your users return, the more likely they will be to make a purchase.

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