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Brand Development

tiedin media 2017 post
Happy New Year!
December 30, 2016
Tied In Tuesday Sunday Night Live 1st Website
TiedIn Media launches new website for the Sunday Night Live radio show with Joey Reynolds
January 3, 2017

Brand Development

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Building a notable brand does not happen by chance. It is a purposeful enterprise that is rooted in the mixture of skilled discipline, strategic thinking, and distinctive creativity. The outcome is a uniquely adept brand strategy, narrative, and expertise that are stylishly simple, refreshing, and elevates your brand above the competition.

First, you need a unique and creative logo that communicates your brand’s style. Whether it is simplistic and clean or fancy and ornate, your logo should portray the message you want your customers to receive. Your logo should be on every marketing material you put forth so people remember who you are and what you do. Logo design is key in building a notable brand because many people recognize a brand simply based off of the logo (ex. Apple’s logo.)

Next, you need consistent marketing materials. Everything you use to market your business to customers, from flyers to your website, should use the same color scheme, fonts, and similar layouts. This ensures that your customers recognize your brand right when they look at any company marketing materials even social media sites. Consistency is a major factor in building a notable brand, if consistency is not present your target market will not easily recognize your company.

Ultimately, the goal is to build a brand that can easily and consistently communicate your company’s mission to customers. You want your customers to always know whom you are and what you do which generates loyalty and profitability.