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5 Reasons To Update Your Website

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September 21, 2018
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September 27, 2018

5 Reasons To Update Your Website

While there really is no set rule on when you should update your website and this should be left as a personal decision for you to make for your business, there are some things to look for when deciding whether or not it’s time to update your business website.

  1. You have new branding such as colors, fonts, or a new logo. If you change any aspect of your branding then it is time for you to update your website. You need to ensure that your branding remains consistent across all boards to avoid confusion.
  2. Your turnover rate is very low, meaning people that are visiting your website are not buying your services or products and are leaving the site quickly. This could point to some problems with your website such as disorganization and other major functionality issues.
  3. You are getting feedback that your website is outdated. One of the most important parts of a business is taking the feedback from your customers so if people are outright telling you that they feel your website is outdated then you should definitely consider an updated website.
  4. You added new products or services. If you are changing any products or services then you should be updating your website to reflect these changes.

Overall, the main goal of your website is to create an easy and functional way for customers to purchase your service or product. If your current website does not accomplish this then it is definitely time for you to update your website.