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4 ways To Create A Cohesive Brand

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4 ways To Create A Cohesive Brand

TiedIn Media Creating A Cohesive Brand

An important aspect of design is creating cohesive pieces that resonate with the viewer enough that they are able to look at a piece and say “Oh, that’s the so-and-so company.” To accomplish this, every design should be cohesive with the same branding in order to maintain consistency and not confuse and consumers.

  1. Logo. The logo of your company should be present on all marketing pieces to let consumers know what your company is and who you are. This should go without saying, but you’d be surprised, it should also be the SAME logo on every design piece. For example, if your company updated your logo in the past months then ensure that the updated logo is now being used. Be sure to set your logo up for different backgrounds, for example, in a scenario where your logo may be used on a dark background you should have your logo in white so it will still work and be readable. However, make sure you create brand guidelines so everyone using your logo knows which one to use when on a dark background or a light background to avoid inconsistency.
  2. Colors. While it’s fun to experiment with color, specifically in design, you should be maintaining the brand by utilizing the same colors laid out when the branding was first decided. If your company doesn’t have a set color palette then you should definitely create one, use the colors of your logo if you’re unsure. Once you have a color palette for your branding these colors or color should be used on every piece of marketing thereon.
  3. Fonts. Similar to colors, fonts are something that should be set in brand guidelines. There should be specific fonts set for headers and paragraphs to ensure consistency. These fonts should be used in everything you do for the company including letterheads.
  4. Imagery. This only goes for a company that uses a lot of imagery in their marketing pieces. When you do use imagery in your designs, it is important to use the same style of imagery. Are you going for bright fun images? Or are you looking to use illustrations instead? These are important things to consider, especially keeping in mind to not mix two styles from piece to piece.

These are all things to keep in mind when creating each marketing design piece. Do not lose consistency of branding by being sloppy with the identity of your brand. If you need help maintaining brand consistency or creating a brand, contact us at contact@tiedinmedia.com.