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4 Ways How To Make Sure Your Branding Is Professional, But Not Boring

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4 Ways How To Make Sure Your Branding Is Professional, But Not Boring

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Designing a brand is full of thin lines, where one misstep and you could be entering dangerous territory that could damage your business. This is specifically tough for a business that needs to maintain a professional aura but doesn’t want to blend in with all of the other businesses of the same kind. Here are some tips and tricks to stand out from the crowd while not losing that professionalism.

  1. Play with colors. Don’t be afraid to step out of the box with brighter colors. While you should stay away from neon/colors that are too bright, try oranges and yellows for added pops of color. These colors exude a friendly and happy feeling but mix in some dark grays to balance the brightness and to keep the sense of professionalism.
  2. Play with fonts. Often, the fonts used by professional companies such as banks, lawyers, etc. are serif fonts that are deemed very traditional. Mix and be a little more modern by using sans-serif fonts that are still readable, but that stray away from the traditional aesthetic.
  3. Add some graphics. Experiment with graphics such as infographics, which are a great way to display information in a visually interesting way. Research has found that infographics grasp a consumer’s attention much more often than plainly written text and, in turn, is more likely to maintain their attention. This could be a great way to display your company’s statistics and show consumer’s how valuable your services are in a less boring way.
  4. Get creative with your copy. While you don’t want to be too silly, straying away from serious jargon that could bore consumers may be a great idea for your company. If you can come up with some clever verbiage, use this throughout your website and use the same tone in advertisements and social media posts.

These are some ways to create a professional brand without the boring aspect of doing so. If you do not have experience in creating a brand, TiedIn Media consists of a team of creatives each specializing in the different aspects required to create a brand. You can contact us at contact@tiedinmedia if you would like to work together.